Viper 5704v vs. 5706v – What’s The Difference?

Viper is one of the best manufacturers of remote car starters. They are known to use cutting-edge technology to give you innovative products. They believe that you should get more than just the regular security and remote start so they come up with more options for you.

So you’re looking into getting either the Viper 5704v or the 5706v model, which is which? Let’s look at how one is different from the other.

Viper 5704v

The Viper 5704v is the older version but still equally good. It is a 2-way security system that can protect your car from theft, and a great way to heat up or cool down your car without leaving your home. It can make your life easier especially during winter and summer seasons. You can remote start your car for up to a mile so you know you can monitor your car within that radius.


  • LCD Remote
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Optional Smart Phone Integration
  • Uses SuperCode technology
  • FailSafe Starter Kill
  • Range: 1 Mile
  • Security System

How to use the Viper 5704v? Watch this:

Viper 5706v

Responder LC3 lets you command and monitor your vehicle like never before, with our Priority icons – simple and prioritized for easy use – plus clear text labels on the large LCD screen. With the Priority™ User Interface, the five buttons control 24 functions on each of two cars! And with the Priority Icon Map™, the most important icons reside in the center of the large LCD screen, 3 times larger than the less-critical icons positioned on the edges of the screen. It’s undeniably the most sophisticated one mile range LCD remote ever!


  • LCD Screen
  • 1 Responder LC3 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way
  • Range: 1 Mile
  • Security System
  • Remote Start & Keyless Entry
  • Trunk Pop
  • SmartStart compatible
  • Failsafe Starter Kill

No doubt about it, the Viper 5706v is loved by customers. The range signal is impressive and the security system absolutely works.

Here’s a simple demo on how the Viper 5706v works:

Since they are from the same maker, the differences are not that much. The Viper 5706V is an upgrade of the 5704V. Some added features include a newer antenna style, a thinner remote, and micro charging. Otherwise, all the important features are there like the keyless entry and security system. In terms of price, both are less than $200.

The more obvious choice is the Viper 5706V since it’s newer but if you chance upon the 5704V, that’s also worth looking into.

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Viper 5704v vs. 5706v – What’s The Difference?

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